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School Motto


The character of an individual is reckoned by his ideals and that of an institution by its motto ‘Vidya Gurnam Guruh’ an extract from the 19th stanza of Bharthru Hari’s Book of laws, is the motto of our school. It is highly suggestive and it sums up the aim of education. It means ‘Vidya is the master of all Gurus’. If ‘Gu’ implies ignorance and ‘ru’ eradication, the main function of ‘Guru’ is the eradication of ignorance. In this sense ‘Guru’ is a friend, guide and guardian to the students. The place of knowledge in the mind of Guru is the same as that of the place of Guru in the Shishya’s life. If knowledge can have a very sacred place in the life of a Guru, on what plane should a Shisya place it? Knowledge can be compared to the Kalpa Tree, the heavenly tree that satisfies all desires. As an elixir of life, knowledge is essential for the all round development of a child. It is the Guru of all Gurus.